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Kalan for Men and Women by Parfums De Marly – 120ml Edp

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Kalan Cologne by Parfums De Marly, Oriental and spicy, Kalan is a fragrance for the man who is comfortable and confident in his own skin. It’s composed of a bounty of floral, spice, citrus and wood notes that blend into a rich, bold elixir. Black pepper, blood orange and assorted spices are the top notes, forming a bright, spicy opening that captures your and others’ attention. Lavender and orange blossom are the sweet, soothing heart notes, a helpmeet to the spicy top notes. Amber, assorted woods, white sandalwood, moss and tonka bean are the warm, soft base notes, which give the fragrance its notable earthiness. The result is a long-lasting scent with a heavy sillage that’s particularly well-suited to wear in the winter and fall months. Feel its irresistible force the second you splash it on!

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