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African Leather for Men and Women by Memo Paris – 75ml Edp

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African Leather Perfume by Memo, African Leather is a scent for both men and women. It is a leather-based fragrance that includes spices and earthy notes for a unique touch. Aromatic spices add an exotic feel, with saffron, cardamom and cumin all creating a seductive heat. Notes of vetiver and bergamot create green tones, with a hint of balsam and bitterness. Patchouli, oud and musk are earthy, deep scents that complement the spices in the fragrance. Geranium adds a light floral to the combination. Leather is the underlying note throughout the fragrance, as its namesake. The strong sillage of the scent leaves you trailing an aroma of fragrant spices and rich leather all day, as it develops and settles on the skin.

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